Drupal/CMS User Guide

Documentation and other resources for using and managing content on the GC's website.

Documentation and other resources for using and managing content on the GC's website.

Online Guides

The guides below contain detailed overviews of the most important aspects of content management in Drupal. Downloadable versions are also available on each page.

Drupal Basics
New users should start here! See how to log in to Drupal, navigate the dashboard, and access content you have been granted edit rights to. The Basics guide also explains the various types of content templates available.

Media Library
Images, documents and videos are managed via the Drupal media library. Learn how to upload media assets, edit related information, and organize them with tags.

General Pages
Static content is created with the General Page template, which features a highly customizable content area and a section-specific sidebar menu, with a variety of components that can be mixed/matched re-ordered on a page-by-page basis. Learn how to create and edit pages and explore the options available in the template.

Learn the process for adding links to internal pages, documents, and external sites in body copy and in structured fields within special components and templates.

Structured Content Templates
Structured content types in Drupal follow a rigid template and uses tags and categories to populate dynamic lists and create associations with other pieces of content. Each of the content types below has a unique template with specific requirements and recommendations:

Supplemental Documentation

Template Guides

Template Guides provide a high-level outline and basic usage instructions for each available content type and on-page component in Drupal. (Best used as a quick reference in combination with our detailed documentation above.)

Download the full set of template guides

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