Event and News Promotion

Every day, the GC community is conducting groundbreaking research, winning significant awards and grants, publishing renowned books, and hosting thought-provoking events. Below is a step-by-step guide to promoting your news and events. 


Submit your news via the News Submission form. All news will be considered for a GC web story, media outreach, homepage features, and other promotion on internal and external communications.

Fill out the Share via Social Media form to request C&M share with the GC's large (and growing!) social media community. Depending on the type of news, C&M will determine the right platform to share your news - TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube, or LinkedIn


Your first step is to post your event on the GC Calendar. Events included in the GC Calendar must take place at the GC. Request your program/office's web editor add it into Drupal. If they are unfamiliar, share the Drupal/CMS Resources page and contact comms@gc.cuny.edu for CMS training.

Be sure to also review our rules and best practices for news and events. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the rejection of your event submission.

Send an invitation to those who might be interested in attending your event. Create your own evite using one of our templates or request C&M to create the evite for you. 

Raise awareness of your event with a flyer. Flyer templates are available in the GC's Brand Guide. After creating your flyer, post it on the bulletin board of the Dining Commons, in program offices, and hand them out to potential attendees and interested parties. 

C&M sends a biweekly newsletter, Coming Up at the CUNY Graduate Center, with events for the upcoming two weeks.

Listing may only promote CUNY Graduate Center/ASRC hosted events. Off‐site events will not be permitted.

Listing must be marked as "Open to the Public" and must include a room location (in-person) or a link to register (in-person/online) to be included.

Coming Up at the CUNY Graduate Center
Editorial Calendar

Events Running From Events Running To Published to the GC Calendar by
7/3/23 7/16/23 6/28/23
7/17/23 7/30/23 7/12/23
7/31/23 8/13/23 7/26/23
8/14/23 8/27/23 8/9/23
8/28/23 9/10/23 8/23/23
9/11/23 9/24/23 9/6/23
9/25/23 10/8/23 9/20/23
10/9/23 10/22/23 10/4/23
10/23/23 11/5/23 10/18/23
11/6/23 11/19/23 11/1/23
11/20/23 12/3/23 11/15/23
12/4/23 12/17/23 11/29/23
12/18/23 12/31/23 12/13/23
1/1/24 1/14/24 12/27/23
1/15/24 1/28/24 1/10/24
1/29/24 2/11/24 1/24/24
2/12/24 2/25/24 2/7/24
2/26/24 3/10/24 2/21/24
3/11/24 3/24/24 3/6/24
3/25/24 4/7/24 3/20/24
4/8/24 4/21/24 4/3/24
4/22/24 5/5/24 4/17/24
5/6/24 5/19/24 5/1/24
5/20/24 6/2/24 5/15/24
6/3/24 6/16/24 5/29/24
6/17/24 6/30/24 6/12/24
7/1/24 7/14/24 6/26/24
7/15/24 7/28/24 7/10/24

Download Coming Up at the CUNY Graduate Center Editorial Calendar.

The GC has digital signage throughout the building - decide which locations will help promote your event to your intended audience the best and submit to the digital signage owners. View digital signage guidelines, best practices, locations, and owner's contact info on the Digital Signage page

News Submission

All in The Graduate Center community are invited to submit news. Please submit your proposed news item via the form below. News may be edited for accuracy, brevity, clarity, and suitability. All submissions must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. 

If your news is regarding soon to be published research, please fill out and complete our press release prep form.

News Information

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