Media Relations Services

Media Strategy

The media relations team works to effectively position faculty and student research for the biggest impact in local and national media. We work with you to make it accessible to the broader public and leverage other GC communications and marketing tools (e.g., our institutional social media channels, podcasts, opinion editorials, and blogs) to increase the impact of our media support.

Working with a partner organization

Our team can advise and work with you to effectively manage press announcements with organization that you partnered with to conduct joint research. Our early involvement can ensure that you and your team receive proper recognition for your work and intellectual property throughout the media rollout, and that correct branding is included in the release materials.  

Press release considerations

When appropriate, the media relation team can draft and issue press releases announcing your news, working papers and publications tied to time-sensitive topics or new research findings. Our standard approach to soliciting media coverage, however, is to pitch Graduate Center scholars and experts as sources for news stories related to their research areas or for feature stories focused on their work and it’s interest/importance to the public.

Media Training

The media relations team is available to provide desk-side media training to faculty and students. We can prepare you to appear on TV, radio and speak with a journalist who is writing a story. Please contact the director of media relations to arrange training.  

Additionally, we have a site dedicated to the development of the GC's science communicators: The Graduate Center Science Communication Academy.

Opinion Editorials

Writing opinion editorials about your research, especially in the policy realm, is a good way to advance your research and gain visibility for your academic work. We will work with you to help you prepare and place opinion editorials. Additional guidance can be found at The OpEd Project.

The Thought Project podcast and blog

The Thought Project podcast and blog are produced by the GC media relations team, and hosted/produced by Tanya Domi and Shawn Rhea. The vertical provides a platform for faculty and students to discuss how their scholarship goes beyond academia and affect the public good.  We are interested in interviewing faculty and students for the podcast and Shawn works with faculty and students to publish on the Thought Project blog. Visit our page for more information, or email us at See The Thought Project blog guidelines.

News Submission form

All requests for media support should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the anticipated media event or publication using our news submission form. Once received we will also share your information with other colleagues on the communications and marketing team so it will be considered for all appropriate coverage and support, including web stories, social media posts and sharing with CUNY central for promotion over their internal news channels.