• All videos produced under the auspices of C&M will adhere to official editorial standards. We encourage other organizational units to do the same and to use the GC open and close slate; updated guidelines will be available soon. 

  • An Authorization and Release form must be completed if programs/offices plan to use a person's image in promotional or educational materials, including posting to a website. A digital version of the signed Authorization and Release form can be submitted to C&M through the Photo Release Submission. C&M will retain a digital copy of the signed release.

  • All videos must be captioned. Videos of 15 minutes or less will be captioned by C&M. 

    For longer videos, you can choose to edit the transcript yourself. An automated caption file will be emailed to you to edit. Captioning must be 99% accurate per compliance requirements. Or, you can choose to pay for a transcription service such as Rev.com (cost is $1.50/minute and output file must be SRT for YouTube). If you plan to create many long videos, please contact the C&M (comms@gc.cuny.edu) so we can work out a plan to be both efficient and ADA compliant.

  • Posting to the Graduate Center's YouTube account:

    For consideration, please submit via the form: YouTube Video Submission Form

    C&M will use its discretion when uploading videos to the Graduate Center's official YouTube account, based on the video's quality and audience.