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The Thought Project shares the knowledge, research, and innovation of Graduate Center scholars with the world. Through a podcast and a Medium blog, The Thought Project allows Graduate Center faculty and students to discuss how their scholarship goes beyond academia and affects the public good.

The Thought Project

In The Thought Project Podcast, host Tanya Domi speaks with faculty and graduate students about the big thinking and big ideas generating ground breaking research. The podcast is recorded at the Graduate Center of The City University of New York, and produced and engineered by Sarah Fishman and CUNY Television.

The Thought Project's Medium Blog publishes opinion pieces and articles focused on current news, events, and cultural topics, written by Graduate Center faculty and graduate students. 

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To get involved in The Thought Project or speak with participants, contact Tanya Domi at The Graduate Center community can also contribute to the Medium blog.

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Tanya Domi, Photo Credit: Alex Irklievski

Host of The Thought Project Podcast

Tanya Domi is the director of media relations at the CUNY Graduate Center and host of The Thought Project Podcast. She has contributed to Al Jazeera America, The Atlantic Magazine, Balkan Insight, The Balkanist, The Christian Science Monitor, The Institute for War and Peace Reporting, The New York Times, The New Civil Rights Movement blog, open Democracy and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Domi has a B.A. degree in journalism and political science from Central Michigan University and a Master of Arts degree in human rights from Columbia University.

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