Blog Contributor Guidelines

What we are/do

The Thought Project Medium blog will provide an opportunity for Graduate Center students, postdocs, administrators and faculty to:

  • Write and publish opinion pieces, essays and Q&As that comment on newsworthy issues, events and cultural topics
  • Highlight how their scholarship and expertise add to the general public’s awareness, understanding and ability to take action on these matters
  • Speak to lay audiences

How to become a contributor

There are three ways to become a contributor to The Thought Project blog:

  • Send a pitch of your idea for consideration to the editors at
  • Accept an invitation from the editors to become a contributor
  • If you have been featured on The Thought Project podcast, the editors may opt to have previously unpublished portions of your interview published as a Q&A

Blog submission guidelines

  • Opinion pieces and essays should be 500-850 words in length and should be connected to newsworthy issues, events and cultural topics.
  • Submissions should highlight scholarship and expertise that adds to the general public’s awareness, understanding and ability to take action on a matter.
  • Blog pieces can be co-authored, but at least one author must have a Graduate Center affiliation.
  • The Thought Project staff can provide guidance and support on shaping the blog, and we will edit it in partnership with the contributor.
  • Contributors have 15 working days from commitment to/acceptance of their piece to submit a first draft.
  • The editorial style guidelines for The Thought Project blog will adhere to the editorial style guide used by The Graduate Center Communications & Marketing Department.
  • To participate, a contributor must establish a Medium account, enabling the editors to transfer the blog to the Graduate Center’s Medium page.
  •  If you’re already blogging on Medium, the editors are open to considering your blogs for publication on the Thought Project blog

Directions for setting up Medium account, profile and posting a blog