Ph.D. Degree Requirements (66 credits)

  • 30 credits in Comparative Literature;
  • 16 credits in national literatures;
  • 20 credits to be determined by the student in consultation with the Executive Officer, the Deputy Executive Officer, or the Director of the Italian Specialization

Teaching and Fellowships

While studying in our Program, graduate students teach part-time in a wide variety of undergraduate departments at the CUNY colleges as well as other colleges and universities in the New York City area.

Some receive Graduate Teaching Fellowships. Others teach as adjuncts in English, Comparative Literature, Humanities, Honors, World Literature, and many foreign language and literature departments.

Financial aid consists of tuition assistance, university fellowships, graduate teaching fellowships, research assistantships, work-study grants, dissertation fellowships, and numerous other special awards. Information is available from the Financial Aid Office and the Program itself.