Recruitment Policies and Procedures

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Personnel Actions Review Committee Process 


The PARC process was developed by the Office of Finance and Administration to:

  • Ensure budget allocation for (new/replacement) positions are reviewed and approved before the HR process begins.
  • Confirm whether budget allocation for a position is projected/captured in the GC budget (in a given fiscal year or future fiscal year) to ensure the GC meets its budget goals.
  • Ensure new and replacement positions are included in the annual and three-year projected hiring plans for each GC department. Hiring plans are essential to coordinate the activities of the college and communicate future plans to various managers.


The Graduate Center Personnel Actions Review Committee (PARC) reviews and approves all recruitment, salary increase, increase in hours, reclassification, and level change requests for all full-time and part-time titles, for all Graduate Center programs, units and departments. After a personnel action has been reviewed and approved by PARC, it will go to HR for implementation.

PARC is scheduled to meet every Monday afternoon. Any submitted requests require a minimum of a week advance notice to go through HR and budget review process before being added to the PARC agenda.


Step 1 – Fill out Part “A” of Form

The form is filled-out by the hiring manager/supervisor. Fill out Section A only.

Step 2 – Division Head Approval

The hiring manager meets with the division head for division level budget check and approval.

Note – starting in FY23, divisions will be required to have annual hiring plans in place, except for an unexpected vacancy, which will drive the recruitment/appointment process. Included in those hiring plans will be requests for promotion/reclassification or a merit increase. If a request is not in the annual division hiring plan the division head will have to identify where from their budget the funding to support the promotion/reclassification/merit increase is coming from or include it in their next FY plan.

Division heads:

  • President – approves all positions for the Office of the President and Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Provost – approves all positions in the Office the Provost, Educational Opportunity and Diversity, Financial Aid, Institutional Research, Research and Sponsored Programs, Academic Programs, and the Library.
  • Dean of the Sciences – approves all positions for ASRC and Centers and Institutes.
  • Vice President for Student Affairs – approves all positions in the Office of Student Affairs (including the Offices of the Registrar, Admissions, and Career Planning & Professional Development); Housing Corp.; and the Child Care Center.
  • Vice President for Institutional Advancement & Communications – approves all positions in the Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications and Marketing, and Special Events.
  • Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration/Dean AISI – approves all positions in the Office of Finance and Administration, Human Resources, AISI, CUNY BA, Institutional Services, Facilities, and Building Design.

Step 3 - Budget Check

The hiring manager sends the approved form and required documents to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to OHR will review the form and forward to the Office of Finance and Administration for budgetary review.

  • If budget check fails > Process STOPS
    The Division Head will be contacted.
  • If budget check passes > Process Continues
    Form and accompanying materials are submitted to PARC

Step 4 - PARC Review

The request will be reviewed during PARC’s weekly meeting.

  • If PARC review fails > Process loops back to:
    • Respond to questions
    • Gather additional information
    • Revise job description/package
  • If PARC review passes > Process Continues

HEO Screening Committee Review (if applicable)

  • If HEO Screening Committee Review fails > Process loops back to:
    • Respond to questions
    • Gather additional information
    • Revise job description/package
  • If HEO Screening Committee Review passes > Process Continues

Step 5 – OHR Reviews and Initiates the Recruitment Process

OHR will work with the program/department to initiate the recruitment process. At this time, the Chief Diversity Officer reviews and approves the search.

If the request is for a salary increase/reclassification/increase in hours, OHR will secure the necessary approvals after PARC (e.g. HEO Screening Committee, CUNY Central Office, etc.) and process accordingly. This is the final step in this process.

Step 6 – Final Budget Check

The Office of Finance and Administration performs final budget check once a finalist is identified. If the salary to be offered is above the approved salary range, additional approval will be needed from the Office of Finance and Administration before the offer is sent out. Any moving expenses, visa expenses or research stipends for faculty have to be approved by the Office of Finance and Administration before an offer is made.

  • If budget check fails > Process loops back to OHR
  • If budget check passes > Process Continues.

Step 7 – Offer is made to the finalist

  • If offer is rejected > Process loops back to OHR
  • If offer is Accepted > Celebrate – PROCESS ENDS


For recruitment, once a job is posted through CUNYfirst, it will be posted on the CUNY and GC job pages. OHR handles the external advertising of the position via an advertising agency. Applicants have to apply on CUNYfirst to be considered for any position.

  • Search Committee will be charged and trained by the Office of Compliance and Diversity and Human Resources on how to proceed with reviewing applications, acknowledging applicants, completing the applicant evaluation rubric, scheduling and conducting interviews as well as completing the recruitment process.
  • Should departments have questions regarding acknowledgment letters, applicant evaluation rubric, interviews or Affirmative Action Certification, please contact the Compliance and Diversity Office at 212-817-7410 or
  • Prior to the interview stage, approval must be obtained from the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO). Submission of the Affirmative Action Certification, evaluation rubric, interview questions and resumes of finalists should be sent to for review and approval.
  • After the final candidate has been selected the second page of the Affirmative Action Certification form, CUNY Employment Application – Part 1, interview evaluations, and search file checklist form must be sent to the CDO for final approval.
  • Once the signed second page of the Affirmative Action Form is received from CDO, a request to hire package (email requesting to offer the final candidate the position including proposed salary, start date, contact information, and finalist’s resume) is submitted to the Office of Human Resources.
  • OHR is responsible for making all offers to finalists upon receipt of the request to hire packet, and will relay responses back to the hiring department. Please note that for faculty, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Research Assistants searches, offers are made by the Office of the Provost/Deans of Professional Schools.


Questions and/or concerns on this process may be directed to Regina Pakh at