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The Computer Science program has compiled the following resources to support its students and address frequently requested information.

Additional information is available on our Curriculum and Degree Information page for the following:

Second Exam

The student will prepare an original paper, usually 20-30 pages in length that needs to be given to the Examination Committee and the Executive Officer at least three weeks before the scheduled oral examination.

Dissertation Proposal

The Dissertation Proposal Examination has a written and oral component. The written part must be distributed to your committee and the Executive Officer at least three weeks prior to the oral presentation.

Dissertation Defense

Computer Science students are required to email a draft of their dissertation in the Program Office and to all members of their committee at least four weeks prior to scheduling the time of the Final Examination.

Suggested Degree Timeline

Students are expected (but not required) to accomplish each part of the PhD study with diligence and the expected timeline for the program is listed as follows:

  • First Exam: two semesters

  • Second Exam: two years after completing the First Exam

  • Dissertation Proposal: one year after completing the Second Exam

  • Dissertation: one to two years after the Dissertation Proposal

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General Student Resources

Information and Downloads

These resources may be useful in planning and conducting your studies at the Graduate Center.

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