Student Resources

Student Resources


Criminal Justice Ph.D. Program Student Handbook 
Guidelines for Dissertation Committees and Defenses


Fall 2021 Cohort – Present

  • First Exam - Qualifying Exams

  • Second Exam - Publishable Paper

  • Dissertation Proposal

  • Third Exam - Dissertation

Prior to Fall 2021

  • First Exam – Qualifying Exams

  • Second Exam – Dissertation Proposal

  • Third Exam – Dissertation


Second Exam – Registration Form
Second Exam – Approval Form
Dissertation Proposal – Approval of Outside Reader Form
Dissertation Proposal – Committee Registration Form
Dissertation Proposal – Defense Schedule Form
Dissertation Defense – Schedule Form

For all other forms please contact the program APO or College Assistant.

Current Reading List

Research Methods 

Student Organizations

The Criminal Justice Doctoral Students’ Association (CJDSA) was founded in 2011, by and for the students of CUNY’s PhD program in Criminal Justice. The Association is the focal point of a cohesive student community, and represents student interests across all aspects of our roles as researchers, teachers, and professionals. Students in the Criminal Justice Doctoral Program stand at the intersection of many institutions with divergent agendas, from the administrations of John Jay College, the CUNY Graduate Center, and the City University of New York as a whole, to our union (the Professional Staff Congress), the Doctoral Students’ Council, and many others. The CJDSA was founded to manage student relationships with all of these bodies, and to advocate for the interests of individual students and the Criminal Justice Doctoral Program as a whole, in all of the many arenas where decisions are taken that affect aspects of our educational experience.

We hope to serve as a comprehensive source of information for and about our students, and to help make our fellow students’ post-graduate education everything it should be. To learn more about CJDSA or to view upcoming events, visit our website here.

Students are encouraged to join one or more professional associations and to consider attending their annual meetings. These organizations typically offer substantial discounts for student affiliates and one of the benefits of membership is receiving research journals. Some of the associations Criminal Justice scholars are typically affiliated with are The American Society of Criminology (ASC) and The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS).


General Student Resources

Information and Downloads

These resources may be useful in planning and conducting your studies at the Graduate Center.

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