Lecture Series

For more information on past Critical Theory Today lectures, please see the posters below. You may also click the links to view recordings of the lectures.

Past Lectures


Conditions of Possibility
Slavoj Zizek

October 19, 2012
View the videos: Part I and Part II

Harold Bloom: Criticism and Self-Influence
March 19 and 26, 2012
View the videos: March 19 and March 26

Harold Bloom (Photo: Michael Marsland/Yale University)

Lecture Series

The Critical Theory Today Lecture Series brings the most prominent and influential voices in Critical Theory to the Graduate Center to discuss their most recent contributions and current projects. The series has featured talks by such esteemed scholars as Slavoj Žižek, Harold Bloom, Fredric Jameson, Homi Bhabha, Stephen Greenblatt, Anne Carson, and Kaja Silverman. Fully open to the public, each of these lectures has been attended by hundreds of people. The Lecture Series not only energizes and fosters communication among faculty and students but also succeeds in connecting the broader academic world with the Graduate Center.