The Certificate Program in Critical Theory is open only to students already enrolled in Ph.D. programs at the Graduate Center. Candidates for the Certificate must take a total of five courses (totaling a minimum of 15 credits) in Critical Theory: one required core course and four elective courses.

The core course (CTCP 71088 Critical Theory: Foundations and Practices) is an interdisciplinary survey of the most prominent theorists and movements, emphasizing their historical emergence, evolution, and impact as well as their practical applications. A wide range of theoretical approaches are studied, including structuralism, deconstruction, phenomenology, post-colonialism, Marxism, hermeneutics, cultural studies, psychoanalysis, and gender studies.

The four elective courses originate in Ph.D. programs throughout the Graduate Center. Each semester, the Critical Theory program lists the courses that may be used to fulfill the certificate’s elective requirement. Please visit the Courses page for the current semester’s elective course offerings. The certificate only lists courses that are open to students in all GC programs; however, a department's required core courses in Theory, even if only open to students enrolled in that program, may be used to fulfill the certificate requirement if permission is obtained from the Critical Theory Certificate Coordinator.

Doctoral students who wish to earn the certificate are required to complete the online Registration Form.

Upon Completion

Successful completion of the Certificate in Critical Theory will be listed on your doctoral transcript. If you have completed the coursework for this certificate and you are ready to deposit your dissertation and receive your degree, email the Program director to confirm completion of the Certificate.