CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies

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The CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (CUNY BA) is a University-wide undergraduate degree program through which CUNY students can collaborate with faculty mentors to create one or two areas of concentration, rather than pursuing a standard major. Though they each have a CUNY college as their home college, CUNY BA students are able to select from classes across the CUNY campuses and departments to develop robust and academically rigorous areas of study. The result is a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree that is tailor-made to meet their academic and professional goals.

Through CUNY BA, students enjoy academic flexibility and can take advantage of independent study, internships, honors courses, study abroad, graduate-level courses, and credit-by-exam. Each student has a designated academic advisor and the support of the program’s staff and graduate fellows, and new students can sign up for a peer mentor. CUNY BA offers exclusive scholarship opportunities, workshops, and events.

Although CUNY BA students are spread across the CUNYverse, the program is administratively located at The Graduate Center and operates under the auspices of The Graduate School and University Center (GSUC).

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Eligible CUNY BA students can apply to participate in The Graduate Center’s M.A. Program in Liberal Studies (MALS) pipeline. This opportunity enables students to earn up to 12 (twelve) credits within MALS during their undergraduate degree program in CUNY BA. The credits are applicable to the CUNY BA degree, and may be accepted towards a Master’s degree for those CUNY BA students who qualify and wish to continue into the MALS program.

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Faculty Mentors

An important aspect of the CUNY BA program is the guidance its students receive from CUNY faculty. CUNY BA students work with faculty mentors to develop one or two areas of concentration that align with their goals and interests. Faculty mentors are full-time CUNY faculty members with expertise relevant to the students’ pursuits.

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CUNY BA Graduate Fellows

CUNY BA recruits advanced CUNY doctoral students to serve as CUNY BA Graduate Fellows. The Fellows support the program through the development and facilitation of strategic, student-centered resources and initiatives, including the peer mentor program, Community Newsletter, workshops, and the Student Showcase.


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