Curriculum Requirements

The M.S. Program in Data Analysis and Visualization requires 30 credits of approved graduate work, including acceptable transfer credits:

  • 15 credits to be allocated among five core courses in the program, chosen by the student and inclusive of at least one course from each of the three program areas:
    • DATA ANALYSIS (Courses in this area include Working With Data: Fundamentals, Data Analysis Methods, and Advanced Data Analysis)

    • DATA STUDIES (Courses in this area include Data, Culture, and Society, and Media Theory and History)

    • DATA VISUALIZATION (Courses in this area include: Visualization and Design, and Interactive Visualization);

  • 12 credits in free elective courses from among all GC course offerings, for which they are eligible to register.

    As part of their electives, students can also take up to three 1-credit lab courses in specific coding and markup languages. Each lab course meets one hour/week (or its equivalent during the summer term). 
  • 3 credits for the completion of a Thesis/Capstone project.