Student Resources


The Student Guide for the M.S. Program in Data Analysis and Visualization contains important details about the program, requirements for the degree, governance, policies, and procedures for current students.

The Graduate Center Student Handbook provides important information on institutional policies, procedures, deadlines, and resources.

Student Services

On the Registrar’s page you will find links to the Academic Calendar, all forms, and the CUNY-wide Dynamic Class Schedule

The Information Technology division’s website provides information on how to get technology support to GC students, faculty, and staff, including access to software and hardware. New users can find relevant information regarding their IT needs at the Graduate Center on the New User Orientation page.

The Office of Career Planning and Professional Development supports The Graduate Center’s students in exploring and understanding career paths and achieving their professional goals. They offer workshops and information sessions on the job search process in the academic, non-profit, government, and for-profit sectors; host networking events with alumni and potential employers; and help students to identify and apply their transferable skills.

Student Disability Services is a function of the Office of the Student Affairs Office and provides and supports equal access to all programs, services, and activities of the Graduate Center and the University for Graduate Center students with disabilities.

The Child Development and Learning Center is available to children (age two to five) of matriculated students enrolled at the Graduate Center.

Academic Resources

The librarians of the Mina Rees Library at the Graduate Center provide support to both traditional and digital research, including archiving your digital projects. 

The Writing Center offers workshops, resources, and consultations (by appointment) on all stages of the writing process—from proposal to final draft. We encourage students in the program to take advantage of the resources of The Writing Center (one of the few in the country that specifically serves the needs of graduate students) as they are working on their Thesis/Capstone Proposals; Graduate Coursework (e.g. presentations, bibliographies, seminar papers); Conference Abstracts and Talks; Personal Statements; Article Manuscripts; and Grant Proposals.

The Quantitative Research Consulting Center (QRCC) offers resources for statistical support in quantitative and empirical research.

Browse other program pages on The Graduate Center’s website to find course descriptions to help you choose your electives.

DIGITAL Projects and Initiatives

The CUNY Academic Commons is an academic social network created by and for CUNY. It includes a WordPress installation that allows students, faculty, and staff to create websites for their courses and digital projects.

The CUNY instance of Manifold serves as a free digital publishing platform for the entire CUNY community, where you can create and share your own scholarship, custom classroom versions of texts and textbooks that are openly licensed or in the public domain, Open Educational Resources (OER), journals, or use Manifold Reading Groups to build your own course reader from materials already available on our instance of Manifold. 

The GC Digital Scholarship Lab is a research space at the Graduate Center, CUNY, whose project-based work centers on the use of technology in research and teaching. With an anticipated opening in Spring 2023, the Center for Digital Scholarship and Data Visualization will replace the Digital Scholarship Lab.

Graduate Center Digital Initiatives (GCDI) builds and sustains an active community around the shared idea of a “Digital GC,” where scholars and technologists explore new modes of inquiry that thoughtfully integrate digital tools and methods into the research, teaching, and service missions of the institution. GCDI offers support (in the form of workshops and consultations) to students and faculty interested in implementing digital tools in their research. Through the Digital Fellows program, GCDI fosters a number of working groups and digital communities, including the GIS/Mapping Working Group, the Python User’s Group, the R User’s Group, the Digital Archives Research Collective (DARC), and the Sound Studies and Methods Working Group. 

The Graduate Center’s Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) creates and connects opportunities for students to grow as educators and scholars. Through workshops and consultations, the TLC prepares new college teachers for their entry into the classroom, guides developing teachers as they refine their practices, and helps experienced teachers think through how to best apply what they’ve learned in the next stages of their careers, whether those careers be inside or outside the classroom.   

The New Media Lab (NML) works with Graduate Center and CUNY faculty and students from a variety of academic disciplines to conceive and create groundbreaking multimedia projects based on student and faculty scholarly research.


The Wellness Center offers support for the physical and mental health of students at the Graduate Center, among its initiatives, it also runs a Master's Thesis/Capstone Project Support Group. Its Student Counseling Services program provides confidential counseling and short-term psychotherapy, group counseling, crisis intervention, and referral services to Graduate Center students, and couples therapy to students and their partners. Workshops that address the challenges and stresses of graduate student life are also offered. All center services are provided free of charge.

The Office of Fellowships and Financial Aid provides information on estimated educational costs, detailed descriptions of the financial aid programs, and information on application procedures and filing dates. It also offers an overview of financial aid awards, including named fellowships, available to Graduate Center students. 

The Office of International Students provides advice and assistance to students from outside the United States, with regard to immigration status issues for students in F-1 and J-1 status.

The Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council (DGSC) is a policy-making body representing doctoral and masters students at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. In addition to advocating for students and their needs, they also organize a range of social activities.