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Data Science

At the Graduate Center, you will gain the analytic planning abilities that will set you apart, through an exceptional program at an affordable tuition.
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Data Science Hero

At the Graduate Center, you will gain the analytic planning abilities that will set you apart, through an exceptional program at an affordable tuition.

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Degree Offered

M.S. in Data Science


Advanced Certificate in Data Science

Available to matriculated Graduate Center students and external applicants

Admissions Deadlines

April 15 (fall enrollment, Advanced Certificate and M.S.)
November 1 (spring enrollment, M.S. only)

In this age of automation and cloud computing, data science experts are in high demand. Our 30-credit Master's program and 12-credit advanced certificate prepare professionals and researchers to capitalize on the data revolution through a curriculum of courses that have immediate, real-world applications.

Our location in New York City and our ties to corporations, startups, government, and nonprofits will give you an additional edge.

With data science expertise, the chances to excel in virtually every field — finance, social networks, urban planning, biomedicine, forensics, and policy, to name a few — are endless.

There has never been a better time for this learning or this program.

What will you Learn?

Data Science Fundamentals
Our four core courses give you a solid grounding in data science. They cover machine learning, data visualization, big data analytics, and data mining.

Data Analytics
Analyzing vast amounts of data is a key part of data science. We offer a wide range of elective courses focused on ways to analyze data. You get to choose two of them. Sample topics include artificial intelligence, database management, algorithms for big data, social network analysis, and natural language processing.

Data Applications
Data has so many applications in today’s world. We offer a broad selection of elective courses that focus on some of the most exciting and widespread applications. You get to choose two of them. Sample topics include 3D photography; speech and audio understanding; vision, brain, and assistive technologies; parallel scientific computing; big spatial data; and social and cultural computing.

Tying it All Together

You get to synthesize your learning with a hands-on capstone project. You can choose a research project or a data science internship at virtually any type of organization in the New York metro region — digital media, finance, government, biotechnology, health care, entertainment, and beyond.

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What Sets Us Apart

a woman of color with curly hair and glasses, working at a computer in a dimly lit room, with data, graphics and charts overlaid on the image

Getting In

Students with a strong academic background in computer science and related STEM fields are encouraged to apply to our programs. Relevant course experience, demonstrated skills, and high grades and standardized test scores are essential to a strong application.

Review Admissions Requirements and Apply

Latest News

Apr 10, 2018

A Data Scientist Walks Into a Bank

Tiffany Perkins-Munn (Ph.D. '03, Psychology), the new global head of decision sciences at BlackRock, explains her role and how she got there.

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May 2, 2023

Admissions Deadline Extended for Fall 2023 to June 1st

The application deadline for admission to the MSc Data Science program at the CUNY Graduate Center has been extended to June 1st.

See all details on how to apply and on our Admissions Requirements page and view the flyer.

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