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Students in the Demography certificate program gain a keen understanding of and ability to rigorously analyze population structure and processes.
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Students in the Demography certificate program gain a keen understanding of and ability to rigorously analyze population structure and processes.


Degree Offered

Advanced Certificate in Demography (GC Students Only)

Available only to matriculated Graduate Center students



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Graduate Center students can earn a Certificate in Demography en route to their doctoral or master's degrees. The Demography Certificate Program at the Graduate Center is the first demographic training program in the New York metropolitan area.

Demography students engage in courses focused on understanding the causes and consequences of changes in population-related phenomena, such as family formation, fertility and reproductive health, disease, aging and mortality, urbanization, racial and ethnic composition, and mobility, and how such changes shape social, economic, and political processes and outcomes at the local, national, and international levels.

A limited number of supplementary fellowships are available for demography students.

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The certificate program requires students to take 15 credit hours in total — nine credits of required courses and six credits of electives. The required courses serve as an introduction to the substance and methods of demography and an in-depth examination of the methodological tools that demographers use in their research. Students can choose their electives based on their interests. Students can also participate in our Demography Seminar Series.

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CIDR-affiliated faculty from throughout CUNY teach the courses that comprise the certificate program. Our faculty conduct research on a great number of subjects spanning many regions of the world. Topics of interest include urbanization; climate change; poverty; the demographic impact of forced migration; the modeling of mortality, marriage, and divorce patterns; the impact of policy on the use of abortion; and disability.

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Graduate Center doctoral or master's students may enroll in the Certificate Program in Demography through their home program. Prospective students must first apply for admission to any of the many degree programs at the Graduate Center. Once admitted, students in good standing are then eligible to take demography certificate courses en route to their respective doctoral or master's degree. A limited number of supplementary fellowships are available for demography students in Graduate Center doctoral programs.

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