The M.A. Program in Digital Humanities requires 30 credits of approved graduate work, including acceptable transfer credits.

Required Core Courses (9 credits total)

  • Introduction to Digital Humanities
  • Digital Humanities: Methods and Practices¬†
  • Thesis or Capstone Project

In-Degree Electives (12 credits total)

Students must take at least four courses from among the areas below, with the selection approved by their advisor.

Digital Textuality Courses

  • Textual Studies in the Digital Age
  • Methods of Text Analysis
  • The Future of the Book: Publishing and Scholarly Communications

Data Visualization and Mapping Courses

  • Visualization and Design: Fundamentals
  • Working With Data: Fundamentals
  • Geospatial Humanities¬†

Digital Pedagogy Courses

  • Digital Pedagogy 1: History, Theory, and Practice
  • Digital Pedagogy 2: Theory, Design, and Practice
  • Critical Approaches to Educational Technology


  • Software Design Lab

Special Topics Courses

  • The program occasionally offers courses in special topics that may be counted as in-degree electives

Free Electives (9 credits total)

Students may choose electives from among all GC course offerings for which they are eligible to register after consulting with an advisor.