Student Projects

DH Praxis Course 

The following projects were developed collaboratively by students in the context of Digital Humanities: Methods and Practices, the second course in a year-long sequence of two, three-credit courses that introduce students to the landscape of digital humanities tools and methods.

The Mainframe Project
Group Members: Kai Prenger, Connie Cordon
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The Mainframe Project DH Praxis Project

Welcome to the Digital Garden
Group Members: Benjamin Mørch, Faihaa Khan, Nelson Jarrin
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Digital Garden DH Praxis Project

Sounds of Music 
Group Members: Caitlin Cacciatore, Felicity Howlett, Raquel Neris
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Sound of Music DH Praxis Project

Modeling Value in the Anthropocene
Group Members: Brian Millen, Hampton Dodd
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Modeling Anthropocene DH Praxis Project

Corona Chronicles
Group Members: Amanda Filchock, Maggi Delgado, Vallerie Matos, Phil Agee
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Corona Chronicles DH Praxis Project

Mapping Cemeteries
Group Members: Brianna Caszatt, Lisa Kofod, Asma N., Nadia El Mouldi, Lane Vineyard
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Mapping Cemeteries DH Praxis Project

Group Members: Patricia Belen, Bianca F.-C. Calabresi, Rachel M.L. Dixon, Matt, Ostap Kin
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Reading Rebus DH Praxis Project

Freedom of Speech* Project
Group Members: Eva Sibinga, Joanne Ramadani, Kevin Pham, Martin Glick  (2021)
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Freedom of Speech DH Praxis Project


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