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Student guide

The Student Guide for the M.A. Program in Digital Humanities contains important details about the program, requirements for the degree, governance, policies, and procedures for current students.

Academic Resources

Ph.D. Programs/Certificate Programs
Browse other programs at the Graduate Center to find course descriptions to help you choose your electives:

Mina Rees Library at the Graduate Center

GC Publications for Current Students
Includes the Graduate Center Student Handbook, Student Affairs Newsletter, and the Health Insurance and Selected Resources Guide.

Student Services

CUNY Commons
The CUNY Academic Commons is an academic social network created by and for CUNY.

Links to the Academic Calendar, all forms, and the Dynamic Class Schedule (up-to-the-minute course information with day/time/classroom assignments)

Information Technology

Health and Wellness

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Projects and Initiatives

Digital Fellows
Based in the GC Digital Scholarship Lab, the GC Digital Fellows Program operates as an in-house think-and-do tank for digital projects, connecting Fellows to digital initiatives throughout The Graduate Center.

Digital Scholarship Lab
The GC Digital Scholarship Lab is a new research space at the Graduate Center, CUNY, whose project-based work centers on the use of technology in research and teaching.

Graduate Center Digital Initiatives
Graduate Center Digital Initiatives (GCDI) builds and sustains an active community around the shared idea of a “Digital GC,” where scholars and technologists explore new modes of inquiry that thoughtfully integrate digital tools and methods into the research, teaching, and service missions of the institution.

New Media Lab
The New Media Lab (NML) works with Graduate Center and CUNY faculty and students from a variety of academic disciplines to conceive and create groundbreaking multimedia projects based on student and faculty scholarly research.

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