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The research-intensive Ph.D. Program in Economics prepares students to apply economic theory and technique to the problems of business and government.
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The research-intensive Ph.D. Program in Economics prepares students to apply economic theory and technique to the problems of business and government.

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Degree Offered

Ph.D. in Economics


Admissions Deadlines

January 1 for fall enrollment
(No spring enrollment)

Students in our program gain solid grounding in econometrics and theory and are supported as they empirically investigate a range of policy issues through their own research and analysis. Our small, highly selective program located in the heart of New York City allows students to work closely with faculty mentors and advisers. 

Fields of Study

The program emphasizes the development of research skills and the acquisition of knowledge in specialized fields of the student's choice.

Students can specialize in Applied Econometrics, Economics of Human Resources, Financial Economics, International and Development Economics, Macro and Monetary Economics Theory and Policy, and Public Economics. Students can also explore other fields of study.

News and Updates

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Additional news can be found on our News and Events page. Research can also be found on our Working Papers page and on the Economics Study Group website

Program Highlights

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Our Faculty

Faculty members of the Economics program are experts in a wide range of research areas and specialties. Students in our relatively small program benefit from easy access to faculty and a large measure of personal attention and mentorship. There are ample opportunities for supervised independent research, interdisciplinary study, and work in research centers.

Economics Program Alumni

Job Placement

Program graduates are well prepared for careers in universities, government, consulting firms, and business enterprises. Program members take pride in actively participating in placing graduates in jobs within and beyond higher education nationally and internationally. We actively prepare students for the job market through development of key skills, mock interviews, and other job preparation events.

Student Resources
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Prospective Students

Admission to the Economics program is highly competitive. We value prospective students with a high quantitative aptitude and a strong work ethic who are interested in original research and contributing to society. We are committed to furthering CUNY’s ability to create opportunities for students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, and we welcome students who bring different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to the study of economics. Our students have opportunities for fellowships and financial aid.

Admissions and Aid

Recent News

Mar 16, 2023

An Explainer on Bank Failures and Bailouts

Professor Linda Allen comments on why Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failed and whether the Feds were right to rescue the depositors.

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Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to present our students currently on the job market. Our students have advanced analytical skills, expert-level knowledge, teaching experience, and expertise in current technology. Please view our candidates, and contact them or their references directly for more information.

— Christos Giannikos

Executive Officer

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Christos Giannikos

Executive Officer and Professor, Economics

Thom B. Thurston

Deputy Executive Officer and Professor, Economics

Jonathan R. Peters

Deputy Executive Officer and Professor, Economics; Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Christine Chan

Assistant Program Officer, Economics