International and Development Economics

This field combines the specializations of International Economics (usually defined by International Trade and Internatioanl Finance) and Dvelopment Economics (both at the macro and micro levels). Among the issues to be studied are:

  • The theory of trade and investment in both static and growth models, including the effects of trade and investment on income distribution within and across countries, on growth and the composition of output, and on relative prices and terms of trade.
  • The theory and measurement of the effects of tariffs, quotas, and other commercial policies.
  • The theory of international finance and the balance of payments in its relationship to employment and inflation policies in developed and less developed economies.
  • The evolution, present state, and proposed changes of the international monetary system.
  • The role of multinational corporations in determining the pattern and terms of trade among developed and less developed economies.
  • Theories of grouwth and development. 
  • Labor markets and entrepreneurship in developing economics. 
  • Human resources (labor, health, education, gender) in developing economics. 
  • Agriculture and development. 

Required Course Work

Two courses from the following list are required: 

Economics 86100 International Trade Theory and Policy
Economics 86200 International Macroeconomics and Finance
Economics 81100 Monetary Theory and Policy
Finance 77000 International Financial Markets and Institutions
Finance 77100 International Corporate Finance
Economics 84100 Economic Development I
Economics 84200 Economic Development II


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