Provost Enhancement Fellowship

The Provost’s Enhancement Fellowship is designed to recruit and retain doctoral students from underrepresented groups. Each year, 18 fellowships (a $10,000/yr top-up award) are awarded on a competitive basis to applicants from underrepresented groups whom doctoral programs have nominated for a Graduate Center Fellowship (GCF). The fellowship will be for all five years of the student's GCF support, for a total stipend of $35,000 annually for graduate study.

During their first year at the Graduate Center, students receiving the Provost’s Enhancement Fellowship will be eligible to apply to fulfill the service requirement for the remaining four years of their GCFs as mentors in the CUNY Pipeline Program (as opposed to teaching in the CUNY system). Ten will be selected as mentors and the remaining Enhancement Fellows will fulfill their fellowship service in years 2-5 as described for GCFs (again, teaching in CUNY). The Provost’s Enhancement Fellowship replaced the Presidential MAGNET Fellowship in Fall 2016.

Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident. Those interested in the GCF or Provost Enhancement Fellowship should contact the academic program to which they are applying, and express interest in being nominated.