Increasing Your Digital Footprint

As part of the Digital Initiatives, PhD student Maya Rose, is serving as our program’s social media fellow. She is responsible for maintaining our program’s social media presence, and promoting digital strategies to foster community engagement with the academic and scholarly work of the students, alumni, faculty and staff at the GC. She is also available as a resource to advise members of our program about ways to plan, share and promote work and events on social media.

As social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook serve as places in which we can promote scholarly and academic work and promote our great program, please inform Maya of recent accomplishments and news (e.g. recent publications, pilot defense, dissertation proposal or defense, conferences you are a part of or attending, colloquiums, events, or anything exciting). 

Please send some or all of the following info to Maya at

  • Name

  • Relevant link to publication or event

  • Heading (e.g. conference title, paper title)

  • Description (140 character max)

  • Relevant picture  

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@CunyGCEdPsych)) and like our Facebook page!

Please feel free to email if you would like to set up a meeting to talk about ways in which you can promote your own or the program’s social media presence!