Curriculum and Degree Information

Please see the Specializations page for the following information about the specializations in the PhD Program in Educational Psychology:

  • program of study
  • curriculum and requirements
  • paths to degree

Program Learning Goals

  1. Students learn to conduct basic and applied research in educational psychology and related fields.
  2. Students gain broad-based theoretical knowledge of learning, development and instruction, and how these processes interface with cognition, motivation, technology, and socio-cultural context.
  3. Students acquire skills in advanced research design and data analysis.

Research Opportunities

Starting in their first year, students have the opportunity to collaborate with their advisor, faculty, postdocs or other doctoral students on research projects. Opportunities include but are not limited to: preparing proposals or grants, study design, creating presentations, posters or papers for conferences and writing manuscripts to be submitted peer-reviewed journals. Students may be hired by faculty members as research assistants as well.

Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships and Financial Aid

Full-time students may be funded by the Graduate Center through Fellowships or Graduate Assistantships (A, B, or C). Students may also be hired as Research Assistants by the Research Foundation CUNY (RFC) where they will assist their advisor or a senior faculty member on current research projects.

Other fellowships and grants may be available so please make sure to visit the Financial Aid website.