Procedures for Clearance of Registration Road Blocks

There are four (4) kinds of academic and registration holds that the Educational Psychology Program office has the power to remove.

They are:

  1. Advisement Hold
  2. Satisfactory Progress Hold
  3. Departmental Permission Required
  4. Overtally Permission Required

Advisement Hold

An “Advisement Hold” (ADV) is a hold placed on EVERY student’s CUNYfirst account prior to each semester. It is intended to encourage constant communication between students and advisors. Students should initiate the contact by sending an email to their advisor outlining their course registration plans.  After the advisor has vetted and approved of the plans, the advisor should forward the APO (me) an email asking that the hold be released. The APO will subsequently clear the hold in CUNYfirst and the student can register immediately after that has been done.

Satisfactory Progress Hold

A Satisfactory Progress or “SATPROG” hold is a hold placed on SOME student’s CUNYfirst account prior to each semester. The intent is to flag what the GC deems as insufficient progress being made by the student. The four main reasons for a SATPROG hold are, 1) exceeding the time limit to complete the degree (more than 16 semesters), 2) too many INC’s on record (more than 2), 3) too many semesters without completing a second exam (more than 10 semesters), and 4) too many NRP (no reported grade) on record (more than 1) . SATPROG holds can be cleared after the student and the advisor have agreed on a plan for moving forward. After that has been done, the advisor should forward Dr. Homer and copy the APO (me) a comment about the student’s plan. That comment is entered onto a SATPROG form and sent to the VP for Student Affairs, who will subsequently clear the hold. The VP usually takes a day or so to remove the hold in CUNYfirst. Our office has no control over the timeliness of the removal. NOTE: SATPROG and ADV holds are mutually exclusive and require two separate approvals from an advisor—one to clear the GC’s SATPROG hold and another to clear the department’s ADV hold.

Departmental Permission Required

Departmental Permission is a moveable barrier placed on SOME student’s registration in CUNYfirst for 85000 Independent Research, 89000 Supervised Research, and 90000 Dissertation Supervision.  Only students who have completed all coursework are given the ability to these three options. After the student contacts the APO (me), the APO will apply the Departmental Permission in CUNYfirst, and the student can register immediately.

Overtally Required

An “overtally” is permission given to students who want to register for a course for which all of the seats have already been filled. The student should reach out to the instructor for the course and seek their permission to enter the course, preferably via email.  After permission has been granted, the student should forward the instructor’s email approval to the APO (not me) for the program from which the course is being offered. The APO will apply the overtally via CUNYfirst and the student will be able to register immediately thereafter.
Note that these procedures are in effect EVERY semester.

As always, if there are any questions about academic and registration holds, please contact Kelvin Wallace, APO, at