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Student Resources

This short, practical guide is intended for students in the Ph.D. Program in English. You should also peruse the Graduate Center Student Handbook, which is also available in hard copy from the Office of Student Affairs, room 7301. The information in this Practical Guide is being updated throughout 2022-2023 in order to match changing conditions at the Graduate Center. If something in this guide no longer seems accurate, please alert the EOs and APO in English.

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The English program Job Search Portal provides information about various kinds of job searches, sample academic job search materials, and alumni contacts.

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Note that you must have an account on the CUNY Academic Commons to access the portal.

Below are guides for current students in PDF format. Most are written collaboratively with English Program faculty and students.

These guides and others are available in web format on the English Program Student Site

Student Organizations

The ESA is a student-run organization that seeks to improve living and working conditions of students in the Program by representing the interests of the students in the Graduate Center English Department. Representation includes expressing the concerns of the students to the faculty and administration as well as relaying information back to the students. The primary tasks of the ESA are to provide a forum for student concerns, sponsor a network of student mentors, oversee course evaluations, and run the student election process. In addition, the ESA runs an annual conference (with faculty participation) open to ESA members as well as students form other institutions.

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Students in all programs at the GC have formed the DGSC, which brings their concerns to the administration; lobbies for their interests before the University Student Senate, the CUNY Board of Trustees, the Mayor's Office, and the State Legislature; supports intra- and interprogram student organizations; and provides legal services and funding for cultural activities. The DGSC subsidizes the Advocate, a newspaper published six times annually. The English Program has three representatives on the council.

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Faculty Resources

The following Practical Guide has been put together primarily in order to provide faculty new to the Ph.D. Program in English at the CUNY Graduate Center an introduction to our policies and procedures. We hope that it will also serve as a useful reference tool for faculty more generally. The information in this Practical Guide is being updated throughout 2022-2023 in order to match changing conditions at the Graduate Center. If something in this guide no longer seems accurate, please alert the EOs and APO in English.

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The Executive Committee of the Ph.D. Program in English offers this document as a guide to those practices that we have found most successful in providing respectful, substantive, timely support for students at various stages of their graduate careers.

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Committee on English Program Diversity

Similar to the urban environment in which it resides, the City University of New York has a long history of diversity and, in fact, a continued legacy of including underrepresented communities in its educational forum.  In that tradition, the Graduate Center has a strong commitment to representing the vitality of New York City’s historically diverse and constantly changing intellectual population. While the undergraduate student body at CUNY represents a remarkable and rich mix of backgrounds, the Graduate Center Ph.D. Program in English acknowledges that this same rich array of representation does not yet exist in equivalent numbers at the graduate level. Still, the importance of diversifying our student body  remains a concerted effort of the English Ph.D. program.

With a distinguished faculty of scholars and writers, a dynamic cohort of graduate students, and an abundance of cultural resources in New York City, our graduate program has all of the appeal to attract outstanding applicants with a broad range of viewpoints from around the world. We strive to recruit minority applicants and then nurture their academic concerns, providing them with an environment in which their intellectual interests can thrive and grow.  We work hard to create an intellectual environment where all culturally diverse values are respected and where divergent perspectives can find a voice. Moreover, while the program respects the wealth of personal characteristics informed by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, and linguistic difference, it further wants individuals to explore the nuanced and complex intersectionalities that occur when these aspects of identity are experienced in real life.

As a means of achieving these goals, the Ph.D. Program in English has established a Committee on English Program Diversity, with the aim of addressing the particular absence of racial diversity among the program's student body.  Amplifying some already existing practices, the program plans focused outreach to historically Black and Hispanic-serving academic institutions to familiarize prospective applicants with the program and the Graduate Center, thus expanding the diversity of the applicant pool. Beyond these outreach initiatives, the program will establish even stronger mentoring relationships with all students but with particular mindfulness to the issues that may arise for minority populations in education.

We remain devoted to enhancing our profile as a program committed precisely to the just and equal access to education for all people. The Graduate Center Ph.D. Program in English bases its success on the inclusion of all people from different backgrounds and with divergent insights as a contribution to our intellectual vitality and development.

General Student Resources

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These resources may be useful in planning and conducting your studies at the Graduate Center.

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