Jewish Politics in Spinoza's Amsterdam

Friday, March 24, 2023

10:00 am


Open to the Public

Join us for a conversation between Anne O. Albert (UPenn) and Alexander Kaye (Brandeis) on Anne O. Albert, Jewish Politics in Spinoza's Amsterdam (Littman, 2023)

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How did Amsterdam Jews come to think of their community as a theopolitical commonwealth in the age of Spinoza and Sabbatianism?

Book cover with a colorful painting of the gate to a 17th century town.  "Jewish politics in Spinoza's Amsterdam" by Anne O. Albert
Jewish Politics in Spinoza's Amsterdam book cover. 

Anne Oravetz Albert is the Klatt Family Director for Public Programs at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and executive editor of the Jewish Quarterly Review. Her research focuses on early modern Jewish cultural and religious history, political thought, and historiography. She is the author of Jewish Politics in Spinoza's Amsterdam (2023) and coeditor of Frontiers of Jewish Scholarship: Expanding Origins, Transcending Borders (2022). 

Alexander Kaye is Karl, Harry, and Helen Stoll Associate Professor of Israel Studies at Brandeis University. His work explores political thought, the history of law, and theories of Jewish modernity, with a particular focus on the relation between law, religion and politics in Israel and the history of religious Zionism. He is the author of The Invention of Jewish Theocracy (2020) and coeditor of The Faith of Fallen Jews: Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi and the Writing of Jewish History (2013).

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