Mindfulness Strategies as You Ease into the Semester

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

12:00 pm — 1:00 pm


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Mindfulness is a practice of learning to attend to the present moment with more acceptance. It is a systematic way of slowing down, observing one’s reactions, and relating to experiences with greater ease and compassion. Mindfulness has been shown to enhance well-being by reducing the impact of stress and helping people cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition, mindfulness can be applied to managing urges and cravings to use substances or other problematic behaviors such as self-injury and overeating.

Facilitator:  Beej Christie Karpen, SEP, IFS-L1, MBSR-Q
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Beej Christie Karpen is a Certified Coach, Somatic Therapist, Clinical Hypnotist, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher specializing in anxiety, various types of trauma, the mind-body connection, and habits related to stress drinking and stress eating.