Shaping the Future of Black, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Friday, March 31, 2023

4:00 pm — 5:30 pm

C200: Proshansky Auditorium

Open to the Public

Leading scholars discuss the importance and significance of Black, Race, and Ethnic Studies.

Headshots of: Brenda Greene, Khalil Muhammad, Ana Ramos-Zayas
Brenda Greene, Khalil Muhammad, and Ana Ramos-Zayas
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A key component of BRESI is to develop a Ph.D. Program in Black, Race, and Ethnic Studies. Establishing a multidisciplinary Ph.D. program in BRES will position CUNY as an academic leader in this field in the nation. This program will expand existing BRES academic programs at CUNY and build on their record of contributions to this interdisciplinary academic field. It will develop critical BRES research, teaching, and training capacity and initiatives that reflect the interests and needs of students, faculty, staff, and the public constituencies of CUNY.

Join leading scholars in a lively discussion about the importance of centering Black, Race, and Ethnic Studies and its potential impact on multidisciplinary education and research in academic disciplines within the Humanities and Social Sciences. The panel will reflect on the increasing significance of BRES in informing academic, public, and policy debates, focusing on how BRES can contribute to a better public understanding of the importance of academic freedom, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will also discuss how we can shape the future of BRES at CUNY and beyond.

This panel will be the launch event for the newly established BRES Collaboration Hub at CUNY Graduate Center. The BRES Collaboration Hub is a mechanism for convening CUNY faculty and doctoral students interested in multidisciplinary education and research in Black, Race, and Ethnic Studies to support the development and implementation of BRES Ph.D. Program.

Event Hosts:
Black, Race and Ethnic Studies Initiative (BRESI) 
CUNY Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Conference

Robin Garrell, President, CUNY Graduate Center

Grisel Acosta, Professor of English, Bronx Community College

Brenda Greene, Professor of English, Medgar Evers College, CUNY
Khalil Muhammad, Ford Foundation Professor of History, Race, and Public Policy, Harvard University
Ana Ramos-Zayas, Frederick Clifford Ford Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, of Anthropology and of American Studies, Yale University

Kandice Chuh, Professor of English, CUNY Graduate Center