Untangling Blackness in Greek Antiquity

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

5:00 pm

Hybrid (see description for details)

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Speaker: Sarah Derbew, Assistant Professor, Stanford University. This is a hybrid event. In-person location is Room 3306 at the CUNY Graduate Center and online by Zoom.

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In-Person: Registration not required. 
Online: For Zoom link, RSVP by emailing rkousser@gc.cuny.edu

In this presentation, I offer an overview of and snapshot from my recently published book Untangling Blackness in Greek Antiquity (2022). In this book, I explore how writers and artists create a world in which performers rework blackness alongside claims of foreignness and Greekness. In each chapter, black skin color interacts with other determinants of evaluation as Argive Greeks, royal Aithiopians, curious Scythians, and athletic Athenians participate in heterogeneous performances of blackness. Altogether, the sustained accounts that I offer in these chapters highlight the wide range of performances of blackness in Greek antiquity. I conclude each chapter with a contemporary comparandum that generates new avenues of connection between the Black archive of modernity and the ancient Greek tradition.


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