Facilities Services and Campus Planning

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Contact Information

Facilities Services and Campus Planning is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the Graduate Center’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems as well as all other mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and elevator systems. In addition, the office supervises all cleaning operations and setups for classes, conferences, seminars, and other special events. Members of the Graduate Center community may wish to visit the office to learn about the services available and the process for requesting services.

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Sustainability at the Graduate Center

Established in response to the mayor's administration's "30 in 10" Challenge, the Graduate Center Sustainability Council is working to fulfill the Graduate Center's pledge to reduce our greenhouse emissions by 30% within 10 years through initiatives to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and raise awareness of green issues within our community.

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Charles Scott

Director, Facilities Services and Campus Planning

Carline Dennery

Facilities Property Specialist, Facilities Services and Campus Planning

Daisy Romero

Administrative Executive Coordinator, Facilities Services and Campus Planning