Carla Shedd
Position: Associate Professor
Programs: Sociology | Urban Education
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. in Sociology from Northwestern University A.B. in Economics & African American Studies, Smith College
Research Interests: Race and ethnicity, social inequality, urban education, criminology and criminal justice, urban policy, qualitative, mixed methods
Dr. Carla Shedd is Associate Professor of Sociology & Urban Education at The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) whose research and teaching focuses on: education; criminalization and criminal justice; race and ethnicity; law; social inequality; and urban policy. Shedd’s first book, Unequal City: Race, Schools, and Perceptions of Injustice (October 2015, Russell Sage), has won multiple academic awards, including the prestigious C. Wright Mills Award, which is given to the top social-science book in the field of social inequality.  Unequal City examines Chicago public school students' perceptions of injustice and contact with police within and across various schools and neighborhoods, and deeply probes the intersections of race, place, education, and the expansion of the American carceral state. Shedd’s second book project, When Protection and Punishment Collide: America’s Juvenile Court System and the Carceral Continuum, draws on her one-of-a-kind empirical data to interrogate the deftly intertwined contexts of NYC schools, neighborhoods, and juvenile justice courts, in this dynamic moment of NYC public policy shifts (e.g., school (re-)segregation, “Raise the Age,” and “Close Rikers.”).

Dr. Shedd received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Northwestern University, and graduated from Smith College with a double major in Economics and African American Studies. Dr. Shedd began her career as an Assistant Professor of Sociology and African American Studies at Columbia University until The Graduate Center, CUNY recruited her with tenure and promotion. Fellowships from the Ford Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, Columbia University, and Northwestern University have supported Shedd's research and writing. Shedd has been featured on MSNBC, C-SPAN's Washington Journal, PBS NewsHour, and WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show; and her work has been written about in several major publication outlets.
Awards [2015-present]
  • Visiting Professorship, The Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo), Labortoire Interdisciplinaire D’Evaluation Des Politiques Publiques-LIEPP (three weeks, faculty liaison, Marco Oberti) (Fall 2020)
  • Honorable Mention, Distinguished Book Award Section on Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, American Sociological Association (2017)
  • Finalist, Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program, Junior Faculty Nominee (university-wide competition for national competition), Columbia University (November 2016)
  • C. Wright Mills Book Award Winner Society for the Study of Social Problems (top book on social inequality chosen from a field of 94 nominations) (2016)
  • Distinguished Book Award Section on Race, Class, and Gender, American Sociological Association (2016)
  • Lenfest Junior Faculty Development Grant, Columbia University (Fall 2016)
  • Scholar-in-Residence, Vera Institute of Justice, New York City (Spring 2015)
 Professional Affiliations and Memberships
  • American Educational Research Association
  • American Society of Criminology
  • American Sociological Association
  • Association of Black Sociologists
  • Eastern Sociological Society
  • Law and Society Association
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Race and Architecture Advisory Board
  • Society for the Study of Social Problems
Courses Taught
  • Educational Policy (seminar)
  • Race, Place, and Inequality (seminar)
  • Tracking the Educational/Carceral Continuum (research practicum)
  • Doctoral Proseminar (core colloquium)
  • Shedd, Carla. Forthcoming. Book Review, Black Boys Apart: Racial Uplift and Respectability in All-Male Public Schools by Freeden Blume Oeur. Minneapolis: UMinn Press, 2018.
  • Shedd, Carla. 2017. “From Perceiving Injustice to Achieving Racial Justice: Interrogating the Impact of Racial Brokers on Racial Antagonism & Racial Reconciliation,” in edited volume, On the Conditions of Racial Reconciliation, Eds. Austin Sarat & Charles Ogletree, New York: NYU Press.
  • Shedd, Carla. Spring 2015. “The Legacy Effect: Charting the Next Iteration of the Carceral State.” Book Review. The Black Child-Savers by Geoff K. Ward & A Theory of African American Offending by Unnever & Gabiddon. Du Bois Review, 12.1.
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Photo Credit: B. Alper