Finance and Administration

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The dedicated staff of the Office of Finance and Administration provide effective and efficient services in support of the Graduate Center's teaching, research, and outreach activities. We are responsible for the stewardship and enhancement of the human, physical, and financial resources of the Graduate Center (GC), and the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC). Our primary objective is to align planning and budgeting activities and processes, to effectively and efficiently maintain financial resources to support decision making.

The Office of Finance and Administration oversees financial processes through the Business Office, including  the Bursar, accounts payable, budgeting and financial management for the GC and its external entities, financial reporting, contracts and purchasing, capital requests and planning and compliance.

The office is also home to Facilities Services and Campus Planning, food services, and Public Safety and Security.

Get to know our departments and our staff – we are dedicated to making enhancing the profile of the GC, ensuring sound fiscal management and supporting the innovative work of our students, faculty and staff.

Our Leadership

Brian A. Peterson

Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration; Dean, Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation; Dean, CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies

Kenneth Tirino

Deputy to the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, Business Office

David Boxill

Executive Director, Human Resources

John Flaherty

Director, Public Safety and Security

Charles Scott

Director, Facilities Services and Campus Planning

Ray Ring

Facilities Planning Dir, Building Design and Exhibitions

Daniela Verdejo Salazar

COVID-19 Campus Coordinator, Finance and Administration