Ed Psych - Advisement Hold Release Form (Quant)

Students: please complete this form in order to have the advisement hold removed from your registration for next semester.  After you hit "submit" your responses will be forwarded via email to your advisor and the APO. Your advisor will review what you have submitted and approve or deny (with an explanation) your request to have your advisement hold released.

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Courses Already Taken

Required Core Courses
4 Required. Mark those Already Taken (12 credits Total)
Area Courses
Students majoring in Quant must take 3 of the following four courses from the LDI area. Mark those Already Taken (12 credits Total)
Required Quantitative Methods in Educational and Psychological Research Courses
Mark those Already Taken (18 credits Total).
Major Courses
In addition to the required quantitative courses listed above, students must choose a minimum of 4 courses from the following list. Mark those Already Taken (12 credits).

(Note: Courses from other programs or schools (both within CUNY and at other universities in the Consortium) may be substituted for some of these with the approval of the area head.)

Any remaining credits can be satisfied by taking additional major area courses and/or elective courses related to the area (e.g., computer science, sociology, psychology, econometrics). These include, among other courses, EPSY 74000 Mathematics for Social Scientists and EPSY 84000 Statistical and Research Design Consulting Seminar. List any additional courses below.
Other Area Requirements
It is highly recommended that students register for 84000 (Statistical and Research Design Consulting Seminar) for at least one semester. This course provides students with the opportunity to serve as statistical consultants on real life projects.

All students with a Statistics specialization are expected to be proficient in both differential and integral calculus. Normally, a one-year undergraduate calculus sequence will satisfy this requirement. This preparation is necessary for the recommended courses in probability and statistical theory, which are available at Baruch and Hunter Colleges. Mark those Already Taken.

Enrollment Plans

Please list the courses you are planning to register for in the coming semester and what requirement each fulfills (i.e. Core, Foundational, Quant, or Major/Elective)

First Level Exams

(Note: Students must sit for all four exams prior to beginning their 5th semester.)
Date Passed / Date Anticipated
Date Passed / Date Anticipated
Date Passed / Date Anticipated
Date Passed / Date Anticipated
Date Passed / Date Anticipated
Date Passed / Date Anticipated

Second Level Exam

(Work on Second Level exams officially begins after completion of 45 credits & passage of First Exams)

One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
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