FYI posts are brief announcements, reminders, updates, and shout-outs. They cover successes, happenings, and advances at the Graduate Center.

FYI posts are brief announcements, reminders, updates, and shout-outs. They cover successes, happenings, and advances at the Graduate Center.

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July 31, 2023

Paper on Elevating Black Scholars' Contributions to Developmental Science in American Psychologist'

Congratulations to Professor Martin D. Ruck (Psychology, Urban Education) and alumni Isabelle M. Elisha (Ph.D. ’16, Psychology), associate director for the psychology program at the CUNY School of Professional Studies, and Juliana E. Karras (Ph.D. ’18, Psychology), an assistant professor at San Francisco State University, whose paper “Looking Within: Elevating Black Scholarly Contributions to Empirical Approaches in Developmental Science” was published in the May-June issue of American Psychologist.

“Through examinations of the psychological effects of Blackness on the development of cognition, competence, identity, and social functioning, Black psychologists outline pathways and provide tools for ecological culturally rooted methodologies,” they write. “These multidisciplinary approaches run in contrast to dominant trends in the field and thus broaden developmental science’s reach and influence. In the 1950s, developmental research by Black psychologists was instrumental to the fight for civil rights. Today, it continues to provide a basis for advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.”

May 28, 2023

Suzanne van der Feest and Colleagues

Dr. Suzanne van der Feest and colleagues' paper was accepted for publication in the 47th BUCLD proceedings volume (Boston University Conference on Language Development). 

Van der Feest, S.V.H., Median, G., Maryutina, E., Davidovich, I., Bloder, T., Barrière, I., & Shafer, V.L. (2023). Acoustic Correlates of Central Vowels in Russian-English and Spanish-English Bilingual Children. Proceedings of the 47th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development. Cascadilla Press, Sommerville, MA.

November 2, 2022

Anthropology Alumni Publishes New Edited Volume

CUNY anthropology alumni Sophia Perdikaris has published a co-authored an edited volume with Becky Boger. The book is titled: Barbuda: Changing Times, Changing Tides. 

Focusing on the island of Barbuda in the West Indies, the volume shares critical insights into how climate change is reshaping our world. It explores a range of themes including impacts of climate change, resilience, sustainability, indigeneity, cultural genocide, disaster capitalism, preservation of biodiversity, and environmental degradation.

July 28, 2022

Prof. Writes ‘Washington Post’ Op-Ed on Shinzo Abe’s Death

Graduate Center Professor Michael Orlando Sharpe (GC/York, Political Science/Behavioral Sciences) published a timely op-ed in The Washington Post, “Shinzo Abe’s death reveals complex story of discrimination and xenophobia.” Sharpe, a 2008 graduate of the Ph.D. Program in Political Science, offers an analysis of the assassination of the former prime minister, linking the killing to his ultranationalist agenda and Japan’s long record of xenophobia.

Sharpe is currently working his second book, The Politics of Racism and Antiracism in Japan.

June 8, 2022

Alumna Andréa Becker Published An Op-Ed in New York Times

Men benefit from abortion—why don't cis men talk about their abortion stories and why do we mostly study women?

Read the op-ed "Men Have a Lot to Lose When Roe Falls" in New York Times written by our alumna Andréa Becker, who just began her postdoc journey at University of California San Francisco.