Requirements for the certificate consist of

  • two core courses (GEMS 72100: Introduction to Global Early Modern Studies and GEMS 82100: Topics in Material History),
  • two elective courses outside the student’s home discipline (may include special topics courses in the Certificate Program);
  • demonstrate reading proficiency in a second language related to the student’s field of study
  • and a thesis, which need not be in the area of Global Early Modern Studies.

Several participating Ph.D. programs accept the two core courses toward their own requirements.

Students are welcome to take GEMS courses even if they are not completing a certificate.

Upon fulfillment of the requirements the Certificate Program in Global Early Modern Studies, a Certificate in Global Early Modern Studies is awarded by the state of New York.

Please complete and submit the following form in order to join the Global Early Modern Studies Certificate Program. 

Registration Form

In this space, please list any courses that you have already taken that may count towards the Certificate Program requirements including electives. We will inform you if any of these courses can be counted.
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