HEO Compensatory Time Agreement

In accord with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Office of Human Resources notified current and newly appointed Higher Education Officer (HEO) series employees of their status. Under the Act, employees whose positions are designated by CUNY as “Non-Exempt” may be considered for overtime pay if their work week exceeds 40 hours. Employees whose positions are designated as “Exempt” are not eligible for overtime payment. Teaching faculty positions are “Exempt” under the FLSA provisions. Article 24.7 of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC/CUNY) Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) contains additional provisions for overtime rates. Please be advised that since May 27, 2010, New York State instituted a moratorium on the scheduling of overtime hours. For additional information including the authorization of and reporting on overtime, please see the attached document or contact the Office of Human Resources at (212) 817-7700 or hr@gc.cuny.edu

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