Section 521 of the New York State Judiciary Law has been amended to provide a different method of payment of the jury per diem allowances to, among others, CUNY employees who serve on State or local juries in New York State. When staff are summoned to New York State and local jury duty, the procedures listed here are to be followed.

Prior to the commencement of jury service, a copy of the summons which specifies the date service is to begin must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Please remember that an employee of CUNY is a "State or local employee" for the purpose of Section 521 and the employee must answer in the affirmative when asked this question by appropriate court personnel.

At the completion of jury duty service employees must present a photocopy of the completed jury duty certificate to the Office of Human Resources. The certificate must include the employee's name, dates of jury duty service, and the signature or stamp of the appropriate court clerk.

If the State inadvertently issues a check for per diem jury duty service, the employee must reimburse the College. An employee who serves on federal or out-of-state jury duty will continue to receive a per diem allowance and must follow the old procedure, i.e. reimburse the College upon receipt of payment.


Full time employees who serve on jury duty while on a regularly scheduled day off for which they are not receiving salary or wages, are entitled to receive the jury duty per diem allowance for jury duty service on such days off.

Full time employees who serve on jury duty while on paid vacation time (annual leave) or while on a paid leave of absence, are not entitled to receive the jury duty per diem allowance for jury duty service on such days. However, the Law exempts full-time teaching instructional staff from this provision during the summer months provided they are not teaching summer school for additional compensation.

Full time employees working night shift who also serve on jury duty during daytime hours of the same day are not entitled to receive the jury duty per diem allowance.

Adjunct staff may have absences excused if the jury duty service prevents his or her teaching a particular class or observing a specific assignment. Prior to commencement of jury service the Office of Human Resources should be contacted as detailed above.

Continuing Education teachers are covered by Article 17 of the PSC contract, which states that "employees who are required to serve on a jury, or are required to report for jury examination, or to qualify for jury duty, shall receive their regular salary during such absences provided that they remit to the University an amount equal to the compensation received by them, if any, for jury duty." 

College Assistants who are serving Jury Duty get paid by The Graduate Center for the first 3 days served- provided they are schedule work days. They are paid their regular wage for the day or $40, whichever is less. A memo must be submitted to the Human Resources Office by their supervisor stating normal work schedule prior to serving Jury Duty