Sexual Misconduct, CUNY Policy

Every member of The City University of New York community, including students, employees and visitors, deserves the opportunity to live, learn and work free from sexual harassment, gender - based harassment and sexual violence. Accordingly, CUNY is committed to:

  1. Defining conduct that constitutes prohibited Sexual Misconduct;
  2. Providing clear guidelines for students, employees and visitors on how to report incidents of Sexual Misconduct and a commitment that any complaints will be handled respectfully;
  3. Promptly responding to and investigating allegations of Sexual Misconduct, pursuing disciplinary action when appropriate, referring the incident to local law enforcement when appropriate, and taking action to investigate and address any allegations of retaliation;
  4. Providing ongoing assistance and support to students and employees who make allegations of Sexual Misconduct;
  5. Providing awareness and prevention information on Sexual Misconduct, including widely disseminating this policy, as well as a “students’ bill of rights” and implementing training and educational programs on Sexual Misconduct to college constituencies; and
  6. Gathering and analyzing information and data that will be reviewed in order to improve safety, reporting, responsiveness and the resolution of incidents.

Please review the full policy: Sexual Misconduct, CUNY Policy