About Information Technology

Information Technology’s mission is to promote, facilitate and support the effective use of technology in instruction and learning, in research, and in processing and accessing institutional information. Information Technology (IT) is the division of the Graduate Center responsible for voice, video and data systems and services.

View our current projects: IT Projects at a Glance (FY 2021-2022)

Organizationally, IT is comprised of three divisions: Administrative Services, Client Services and Systems Services.

IT Administrative Services

Tawana Spellen, Director for IT Administrative Services

Email: tspellen@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: (212) 817-7353

Heydi Hernandez, Assistant Director for IT Administrative Services

Email: hhernandez@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: (212) 817-7348

The Division of Administrative Services oversees a broad range of management functions, including planning, budgeting and procurement; project management; internal control and risk assessments; personnel matters; policies and procedures; and inventory and asset management. In addition, this Division oversees the GC Student Tech Fee Committee and change management.

IT Client Services

David Kapur, Deputy CIO and Director for Client Services

Email: mkapur@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: (212) 817-7344

Weidong Xia, Media Services Manager

Email: wxia@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: (212) 817-7356

Mark Choon, IT Services Operations Manager

Email: mchoon@gc.cuny.edu 
Phone: (212) 817-7328

The Division of Client Services oversees end-user resources such as computers, monitors, printers, scanners, telephones, classroom projectors and audio-visual equipment in the venues; desktop operating systems, application software, and the GC Blackboard environment; assistive technology resources; various tools for collaborating at a distance; and media services resources throughout the Graduate Center.

IT System Services

Matthew Liston, Deputy CIO and Director for Systems Services

Email: mliston@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: (212) 817-7367

Angus Dickson, Assistant Director for Systems Services

Email: adickson@gc.cuny.edu 
Phone: (212) 817-7309

Ko-Chin Ong, Assistant Director for Systems Services

Email: kong@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: (212) 817-7329

The Division of Systems Services oversees the back-end infrastructure, including servers and storage systems; the GC network, internet connectivity; application platforms including e-mail, and file and web services; telephony systems; and the GC data centers. In addition, this Division oversees a collection of integrated information systems for GC administrative functions.

Employee Service Recognition

Our IT professionals contribute to the vibrancy of the Graduate Center and CUNY. View our past winners of GC Employee Recognition and CUNY Excellence in Technology Awards.

  • 2019 -  Demetrios Lales (Outstanding Achievement)
  • 2017 -  Pablo De La Cruz (Employee of the Year)
  • 2016 -  Stephanie Evans (Outstanding Achievement)
  • 2015 -  Jose Castañeda (Outstanding Achievement)
  • 2012 -  Takho Tsoi (Employee of the Year)
  • 2011 -  Andre Pitanga (Outstanding Achievement)
  • 1998 -  John Chianese (Outstanding Achievement)
  • 2019 - Yamel Murillo (Excellence in Service)
  • 2018 - Brian Rashty (Excellence in Service)
  • 2017 - Lihua Wang (Excellence in Service)
  • 2016 - Jeffrey Ewald (Excellence in Service)
  • 2015 - Randy Edwards (Excellence in Service)    
  • 2014 - Sang Lam (Excellence in Service)
  • 2013 - Gary Kettner (Excellence in Service)