CUNYfirst Security Attestation Procedure

Download the CUNYfirst Security Attestation Procedure policy or review the policy below.

Last Updated: September 15, 2021

This procedure applies to those who are identified on the CUNYfirst Access Approver List for the Graduate Center.
Twice a year the Graduate Center is required by CUNY Central Office to facilitate a process to ensure that individuals with CUNYfirst (CF) access privileges are:

  • Still identified in GC HCM record-keeping as active; and
  • Reaffirmed by the designated approvers as having CUNYfirst access still appropriate to currently-assigned duties and responsibilities.

The following procedure executes that responsibility:

  • At the conclusion of the Spring (first week of June) and Fall (first week of January) semesters, the process noted below will be followed:
    • First, a list of all individuals with CF access will be sent to HR. It will then be the responsibility of HR to reaffirm the active status, and to identify the GC unit and the department with which the person is identified in HCM. Any individuals who are not in HCM should be marked as such.
    • HR will have a period of two weeks to verify this list and return it to IT.
    • Upon receipt of the now affirmed list from HR, IT will deliver to each designated CF access approver the following:
      • a list of individuals for whom they have authorized CF access, and
      • the information obtained from HR listing the status of these same individuals.
    • It is the responsibility of each approver to review the information from both lists and in turn to reaffirm validity or identify any revisions to existing permissions and report back to IT.
    • Approvers will have a period of two weeks to verify the lists and report back to IT.
  • Any changes to individuals with CF access will be processed as normal CUNYfirst requests via

Upon conclusion of the process, GC IT will report to CUNY Central Office via the Security Attestation.