Hardware Software Purchases

Download the Hardware Software Purchases policy or review the policy below.

This policy provides guidelines regarding the purchase, refresh and decommissioning of software, peripherals, or desktop computers at The Graduate Center (all locations).

General Policy

  • All IT equipment and software procurement must be coordinated with Information Technology before any purchases are made. IT equipment includes, but it is not limited to, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, digital signage units, projectors, microphones, servers, etc. (with the exception of local/desktop printers, which are not procured without approval from the Provost/President).
  • All IT equipment purchases must be made through the GC’s procurement system and must adhere to the GC’s procurement and technology policies and standards. Equipment purchases made outside of this system or not adhering to these polices and standards will not be supported by IT.
  • GC owned computers are those purchased by the College for academic, administrative and research use. These computers have the standard staff/student build/image that allows access to restricted GC software/systems and users may not (or attempt to) interfere, disrupt, or disable any features or functionalities embedded in our standard built.
  • All computer purchases must be made with the GC’s preferred manufacturers (Dell/Apple) and conform to a set of GC-specified standard models.
  • During initial installation, all software placed on GC-owned systems must be legally licensed, virus-free software. IT is not responsible for ensuring that non-supported software will work properly on GC-owned systems. Information regarding CUNY-wide software licensing can be found here, and a list of software applications loaded on the class/lab computers can be found here.
  • Prior to buying computer equipment or software for office use, GC administrative and department heads are required to request a consultation with David Kapur, IT Director of Client Services. Also, prior to buying computer equipment that requires a server or infrastructure set up, GC administrative and department heads are required to request a consultation with Matthew Liston, IT Director of Systems Services.  
    • 365 Fifth Administrative and Department Heads: After receiving approval from the respective IT Director, contact the Purchasing Office (purchasing@gc.cuny.edu) and someone will assist in securing quotes and processing orders accordingly.
    • ASRC Initiative Heads and Administrative Staff: After receiving approval from the respective IT Director, contact Justin Owens at JOwens@gc.cuny.edu he will assist in securing quotes and processing orders accordingly.
  • Once the item arrives, you may email itservices@gc.cuny.edu if additional assistance is required.

Important Note: Be certain to have the appropriate conversation with David Kapur or Matthew Liston prior to purchasing any IT related equipment regardless of funding source. The purpose is to ensure compatibility of your equipment with the GC infrastructure and in helping to guarantee support with desktop matters.

After five years of service, it is recommended that aging computers get replaced/retired. With this in mind, we suggest securing the necessary maintenance for your equipment as IT will not be responsible for acquiring maintenance agreements.

  • If a GC-funded/owned IT equipment is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the employee to immediately notify Public Safety department.
  • To request assistance with obtaining pricing information for software that is not already provided by the GC or CUNY, complete the Software Pre-procurement Assistance form located here. Your GC login is required to access and fill out the form.

The University maintains several agreements for computer hardware and software purchasing. Some agreements provide for university students, faculty and staff to purchase at a discount for personal use. Information regarding software and hardware discounts available through The University for personal use can be found here.