Management Team

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Last Updated: September 15, 2021


The IT Management Team (ITMT) is the direction-setting, budget-planning, policy-making and personnel-management body for Information Technology. The Team takes a shared decision-making approach to its responsibilities, while respectful of the authority and expertise of individual Directors for their areas of responsibility. The Team fosters a sense of community among its members and across all of IT.


ITMT is made up of:

  • Matthew Liston, Director of the Division of Systems Services/Deputy CIO
  • Mukul David Kapur, Director of the Division of Client Services/Deputy CIO
  • Tawana C. Spellen, Director of the Division of Administrative Services


The ITMT meets fortnightly.


The ITMT uses the following standing agenda:

  • Announcements by the AVP (taken from Leadership meetings, IT Steering Committee meetings, Executive Officer meetings, Provost Council meetings and the like)
  • Strategic Planning & Assessment matters
  • Personnel & Professional Development matters (including planning for IT staff meetings)
  • Budgeting & Resource Management matters (including space-related items)
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Current Challenges/Lessons Learned
  • Project Management matters
  • Important Dates
  • Other

Any member of the ITMT may add a discussion item under any agenda category.

Purpose and Membership

The “ITMT+” expands the ITMT to include in certain activities the Directors’ direct reports in lead, managerial or supervisory roles and with concomitant responsibilities. The ITMT+ also exists to cultivate leadership talents, develop management skills and promote relationship building and peer support among its members. The ITMT+ may organize working groups or committees as necessary to pursue various issues. The ITMT+ is scheduled to meet monthly.