Transition Services for New Graduates

Download the Transition Services for New Graduates policy or review the policy below.

During the summer each year GC IT performs an audit of its network accounts. Any individuals who are found to no longer have an active relationship with the GC have their accounts discontinued.

As a professional courtesy, newly graduating students will be extended the following IT services for a transition period of 3 months following the date of graduation identified in the student information system:

Within the Graduate Center:

  • Continuation of authenticated access to the GC Community wireless network
  • Continuation of authenticated desktop login to student public PCs or Macs
  • Continuation of printing and scanning capabilities at student stations
  • Continuation of online access to Library resources

From outside the Graduate Center:

  • Continuation of online access to Library resources

At the conclusion of the transition period, students will be notified via their GC student e-mail address that such privileges will be discontinued.

Note: Existing student email accounts in the Microsoft-hosted student email domain continue indefinitely.

Notice of Institutional Requirements: All users of Graduate Center technology resources are bound by certain institutional and governmental requirements. These include the CUNY Computer Use Policy in all its current and future instantiations; additional CUNY and/or Graduate Center acceptable-use, security and related technology policies and procedures such as may currently exist or may be adopted and promulgated in the future; and federal, state and local legal requirements governing electronic documents and access, internet use and related technology-based activities. In all instances, the Graduate Center will take whatever action is necessary to safeguard the institution and to comply with duly authorized regulation. Users of GC technology resources are hereby notified of these provisions and are assumed to be familiar and in agreement with them