Student Technology Fee Project Proposal

Thank you for your interest in improving technology resources that directly benefit GC students.

All project proposals are due to the Student Technology Fee (STF) committee by end of business on the second Friday in February to be presented at the annual STF committee meeting in March. Proposals submitted on time will be considered for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

All projects must benefit students and fall under one of the eleven acceptable uses of the STF. Proposals should include all related needs in one application. Do not submit multiple forms for smaller amounts of equipment that will serve the same purpose. Upload preliminary price quotes or estimates, including shipping costs as one document.

If the project requires physical space or space modifications at the GC, please consult with the Director of Facilities Planning, Mr. Ray Ring,, prior to your submission. You will need to state the outcome of your conversation in this form.

If the project requires computer equipment, software, installation and/or support, request a consultation with the Director of Client Services, Mr. Mukul David Kapur,, prior to your submission. You will need to state the outcome of your conversation in this form.

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Your project must fall under one of the eleven acceptable uses of the Student Technology Fee:
Does this project require physical space or space modifications at the GC?
Does this project require computer equipment, software or installation and/or support?
Upload a PDF or Excel document describing your project and explaining how it will benefit students and advance The Graduate Center's mission and/or strategic plan. (Word docs are not accepted.)
Upload supporting documents for pricing and product information (e.g. quotes, website links, and fact sheets), suggested vendor lists and/or sole vendor letters as appropriate. Multiple files should be combined into one pdf or excel document. (Word docs will not accepted.)
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