Academic Program Review

In accordance with the New York State Regents Doctoral Evaluation Project, all doctoral programs in New York State are expected to undergo periodic evaluation. Starting in 1994, a modified ten-year cycle of Periodic Statewide Doctoral Program Reviews began at the Graduate Center.

In May 1994, CUNY adopted university-wide guidelines for academic program review. Following those guidelines, the Graduate Center instituted a series of internal self-studies of all programs, patterned on the New York State reviews. External experts make site visits and study self-evaluations produced by the doctoral and master’s programs.

Some programs, such as Clinical Psychology, are also evaluated or accredited by other licensing agencies.

The schedule of Academic Program Reviews at the Graduate Center is available here.

At the end of the spring semester, ARR forms are submitted to the provost by the executive officers and directors of academic programs at The Graduate Center in consultation with faculty, staff, and students, and after being approved by the program’s executive committee. Through the ARR, the programs summarize the challenges and successes of the previous year, provide information about the assessment of their academic programs that includes curriculum and faculty strength, and make requests for resources based on those assessments.

Every ten years, programs at the Graduate Center undergo an external program review. In preparation for the visiting team of reviewers, programs embark on a self-study with input from the Office of Institutional Research and the Provost. This collaborative effort ensures that programs maintain high standards and actively improve.