Student Resources

We have assembled the following resources for our current students: 

MALS Student Guide

The Guide provides an outline of degree requirements (core courses, transfer credits, thesis requirements, etc) as well as important information about holds, wellness, student life, etc. 

Download the Guide 

MALS Writes

An interactive online guidebook for students in the program that aims to continue a critical and collective conversation about the kinds of genres that you might encounter in the MALS program and in academic work more generally.

Visit MALS Writes

MALS Student Group

A website to build a stronger community among MALS students. It will also be a platform where students can support each other, share their ideas and experiences, and raise any questions or concerns they might have.

Visit the MALS Student Group

Internship, Travel, and Research Funds

MALS students are now eligible to apply for funds to support unpaid internships, travel, and research funds.  Students can apply three times during the academic year: November 1, January 18, and April 5. Applications must be submitted to

GC Library

There is a dedicated librarian for each MALS concentration, a MALS research guide, and repository of past MALS theses.

Visit the Mina Rees Library  

Office of Career Planning and Professional Development

Offers many services that MALS students can take advantage of, including hosting events specifically for MALS students purusing Ph.D.s.

Explore Professional Development services and resources