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Contact Information
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The Lifelong Peer Learning Program (LP2) is based on a model of adult continuing education known as peer learning. Members share the responsibility for designing, teaching, and participating in weekly noncredit study groups that mirror the content and structure of college courses. Learning in LP2 is both an intellectual and social experience, where common interests provide a foundation for new friendships. 

Current members are people of all backgrounds who pursue serious, peer-led inquiry through our lifelong learning program. The program encourages individuals to challenge themselves by taking part in study groups as well as assuming academic and administrative leadership roles as study group coordinators and committee members. Each person's learning experience is enriched through regular exchanges with enthusiastic learners with diverse backgrounds and interests. 


Most people join LP2 because they love learning and look forward to the intellectually stimulating study groups. As they begin to participate in the program, they soon discover that LP2 is very much a community in which friendships develop beyond the classroom. Members find new friends and collaborators by co-coordinating, by joining and working on committees, and by taking part in “extra-curricular” activities. Members participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in art, music, theatre, men’s and women’s discussion groups, and science seminars. Participants also contribute to Voices, our online periodical of members’ art and literary work. In addition, groups sponsor a variety of “outside of the classroom” activities such as Tuesday with Friends, which sponsors small group gatherings in members’ homes. 

For more detailed information about the study group classes, programs and activities, see volunteer-managed site   

Program History and Governance 

Founded in 1962 as a post-career peer learning community, LP2 has become a model for the Lifelong Learning Movement, now embodied in various forms on more than 500 campuses around the country. The program, initially nurtured by The New School as the Institute for Retired Professionals (IRP), became part of The Graduate Center, as advisors and members, in the summer of 2020.  
As a non-credit offering for adult learners, this lifelong learning program is in the portfolio of the Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation at the CUNY Graduate Center, led by a Director and Dean as well as a member-populated Advisory Board that shapes the program’s overall vision, mission, and values. Committee chairs guide admissions, curriculum, diversity, finance, marketing, and other important areas. Many more details can be found at  

Program Calendar

Fall 2023 


Holiday: Labor Day 


First day of Fall 2023 session 


Holiday: Rosh Hashanah 


Holiday: Yom Kippur 


Holiday: Columbus Day  


Thanksgiving Break 


 Last day of Fall 2023 session (depending on the day of the week) 

Spring 2024


First day of Spring 2024 Session


Holiday: Lincoln's Birthday


Spring Break


Holiday: Passover


Last day of Spring 2024 Session (depending on day of the week)