Lifelong Peer Learning Program

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Contact Information

The Lifelong Peer Learning Program (LP2) is based on a model of adult continuing education known as peer learning. Students from various backgrounds share the responsibility for designing, teaching, and participating in weekly noncredit study groups that mirror the content and structure of college courses. Learning in the Lifelong Peer Learning Program is both an intellectual and social experience, where common interests provide a foundation for new friendships.

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Current members are people of all backgrounds who pursue serious, peer-led inquiry through our lifelong learning program. The Lifelong Peer Learning Program encourages individuals to challenge themselves by taking part in study groups as well as assuming academic and administrative leadership roles as study group coordinators and committee members. Each person's learning experience is enriched through regular exchanges with enthusiastic learners with diverse backgrounds and interests.

In addition to classroom activities, the Lifelong Peer Learning Program sponsors group art shows, special lectures, and readings; publishes an online periodical of arts and letters; and organizes urban walks, day trips, and domestic and international study trips. While we await the return to public life post- public health crisis, we gather remotely for discussions and screenings outside of the scheduled study group sessions.

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The Lifelong Peer Learning Program is administered by the Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation.