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Lifelong Peer Learning Program members are people who have come together to create a community in which each person's learning experience is enriched through exchange with other members of diverse backgrounds and interests. 

Membership is open to retired and semiretired people who want to participate actively in cooperative learning and instruction, regardless of their education, career background, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or physical limitations. The Lifelong Peer Learning Program seeks candidates who have the time and energy to commit to serious study, who enjoy learning and actively contributing to class discussions, and who will become integral members of the Lifelong Peer Learning Program community.

Eligible candidates must possess a desire to be academically challenged, a commitment to continued intellectual exploration, and a willingness to contribute to the self-governance of the organization. Prospective members should have sufficient time available during the week to attend classes and other meetings, complete assignments, and contribute to the self-governance of the program.

We welcome applications from anyone who meets these criteria. 

Candidates for membership In the Lifelong Peer Learning Program must attend an information session, submit an application (provided at the session), and participate in an interview. Owing to limited classroom space (virtual and physical) and a desire to maintain a small and engaged community, not all applications are accepted.

Your admission and tuition to The Graduate Center's Lifelong Peer Learning Program provide you with membership in an empowering community. Lifelong Peer Learning Program members become actively involved beyond the classroom, through special interest groups and social activities. As a program of The Graduate Center, the Lifelong Peer Learning Program offers numerous opportunities to engage in multigenerational activities with students in other programs as well as faculty and staff within The Graduate Center and across The City University of New York.

Important Dates for Spring 2023 Admissions:
September 08, 2022
Please note that the link to the application form will be provided to attendees of the information sessions.

For additional information about membership, program activities, and requirements, please email or call 212.817.AISI.


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